100 % personalizable - Distributed by VERMEIREN

Unlock Your Mobility Freedom with TNS Wheelchairs – distributed by VERMEIREN!

Discover a World of Personalization

At VERMEIREN, we're proud to present a diverse and versatile lineup of active wheelchairs. But we go beyond the ordinary – we've joined forces with TNS Wheelchair Technology to create a revolution in personal mobility solutions. Together, we craft a bespoke experience for each individual, with wheelchairs that are tailored to your unique measurements and preferences.

TNS and VERMEIREN. A partnership built on trust, where we deeply understand your distinct needs and desires.

Embark on Your Journey with TNS Wheelchairs.

Experience a boundless selection of active wheelchairs that can adapt to your lifestyle, your aspirations, and your identity. In our exclusive TNS range, you'll find:

  • Activator: The Open frame
  • Activator 2.5: The Most Rigid
  • Activator F.C.: The Most Compact
  • Proval: The Lightest
  • RSX: The Most Sporty
  • Sports Wheelchairs: Push the boundaries



Currently, we're making TNS wheelchairs accessible in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Poland. If you're inquiring about TNS distribution in your country, simply head over to your local VERMEIREN website. Our dedicated experts are eager to provide you with all the information you need.



*Options and features may differ according to your country. Subject to technical changes.


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